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35 Moments From March 2012

This past March saw the passing of my maternal grandma, Patricia Loy. Her passing was done in her own home, surrounded by her whole family. It was a very sad occasion. Auric and I were able to make our way to Murphysboro during her final week. I had a few short visits with her and she even spent a quick moment with Auric. She was kind woman and very sweet and loving grandmother to me. This month had much of our usual silliness and frenetic pace; however, our lives were saddened by her passing. Below contains the happier moments from this month. (Click here to see the whole album.)

March was an unseasonably warm month; however, we did have occasion to spend some time at the indoor playground. Here is Auric playing on another piece of faux-exercise equipment.

Here is Etta being a mom to the two freakishly large baby dolls. Mommy Etta is living the nightmare of caring for twins that are 3/4 your own size.

We had sun and warmth and so the early spring flowers bloomed. And then Mother Nature remembered that it was March, and snowed all over our fantasy of Spring.

Auric did this completely on his own. He emptied out the lower compartment of food-related toys, took the "sink" out, and then crawled in.

The two Pocock men, eating breakfast. (Yes, one of the men is wearing one of Thora's headbands.)

Here is a very cute moment of Auric painting a picture. Enjoy.

This one is entitled, "Ruining Dinner."

While in Murphysboro, Auric and I stayed at my Dad's cousin, Lea Ann's, house. Auric was very lucky, since the place is decked out in toys for Lea Ann's grandson, Gibson. Here is Auric discovering the jackpot of Gibson's outside toys.

Our time in Murphysboro was sad. Here is a photo of how I'd like to remember my grandma, with Thora in the fall of 2008. I traveled to Chicago for a visit and my grandparents drove up from Murphysboro to see us.

While in Murphysboro, I was struck by the blooming magnolia tree outside my grandma's window. I couldn't help but think about the cosmic cycles of death and rebirth, the connectedness of all things, and how my memories of her will continue to connect me to her over the rest of my lifetime.

My kids don't allow me to dwell on sad things for too long. Our divided family was happy to be reunited. After picking Thora up from school, Thora and Auric enjoyed a game Auric calls, "Run and Tickle." Enjoy.

Thora posing in a Wonder Woman-inspired pose, while wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt.

Zach, Auric, and Thora appreciate the symmetry of the moment.

I ran a St. Patrick's Day 5K while pushing Auric in a stroller.

I heard one guy say, "Show off," as I passed him. (As I passed him.)

During March, Ally's family hosted the cooking class. Here the kids are lined up in an assembly line of sous chefs.

I need to start a collection of photos that detail all the times I take Auric out of the house in his pajamas as if they are regular clothes. This would go in there.

I also need another album just of photos in which Auric has "assumed the position."

I include this one because he looks like such a big kid boy. (I emailed it to my dad with the subject line "This looks like something out of your boyhood.") But it's also the same day as the above two photos, so I'd like it documented that I eventually did get him out of his jammies that day.

Again, spring sprung very early this year. This was captured during a stop at a playground in the middle of our run along the Charles River, on the Esplanade.

We pass under this magnolia tree on the way to Thora's school.

Auric "assuming the position."

The result of laying in fresh mulch.

Auric assumes the position again.

Thora continues to progress in her tae kwon do studies. The school adjusted the curriculum so that they could have a more formal belt ceremony every three months when the kids graduate to the next higher belt color. This March saw Thora move from the blue stripe belt to the red stripe belt. (The next one is a black stripe belt.) Here is a video showing the highlights of that ceremony, in which Thora and her fellow Advanced Tigers showcase some of the skills they mastered in order to graduate to the next belt. Enjoy!

We did have a day or two of typical Boston March weather.

Obligatory messy face picture (to frame and display at his wedding).

Auric and friends appreciate the symmetry of the moment. "Ice Cream For Sale!"

We made another tape road.

And we celebrated Thora's friend, River's, birthday! Here is Auric and River's sister, Lila.

Thora and Mia

The gang

I'll end this month with a few videos of Auric. This first is one called, "A Brief Conversation with Auric." I have to preface this video by saying that it was recorded right before a nap. He's usually more articulate than this, but like everyone, he isn't firing on all cylinders while sleepy. (Side note: spaciness is kind of cute in 2 year-olds.) Any conversation with him will likely involve discussion of his current favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda or Kung Fu Panda 2, or a scene from another movie that he's trying to understand, in this case a scene from the movie, Cars. He will often employ unexpected shifts in topics to keep you guessing. And finally, you'll have to talk about trucks if you want to talk to Auric. Enjoy.

Auric went through a phase when he would observe everything (everything!) as he sat in the stroller, riding down the street. This video captures a brief moment of that and also one of my favorite Auric-ism: The Vroom Car. I still don't quite know how he determines which are vroom cars and which are not. At first I thought he was referring to cars that looked like race cars, or ones that he saw going fast. You'll see in this clip that the car he designates as a vroom car is neither of these things.

And finally, Auric puts a lot of things that aren't food in his mouth. Not quite as much as his sister did (still does!). However, this habit of theirs is part of my explanation for their robust immune systems. Here, I capture Auric just as he's come from playing house with his friends at a playground. (I think there was a "kitchen" in that "house.")

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